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The Best of Chile

The diverse highlights of this long country. 16 days / 15 nights
Pueblos Originarios Rapa Nui - Isla de P
Salar de Tara - San Pedro de Atacama
Island-Isla de Pascua-Juan Jaeger2
noche san pedro
Geyser del Tatio
Torres del Paine-Lago Grey
Torres del Paine - Tour Operadores


Come to delight yourself with the best spots of Chile, enjoying its main activities in each area. You will visit Santiago Wine District with the colorfull Valparaíso and the premium class chilean wines; Atacama Desert with its uniques landscapes; Easter Island with the mistery of the Moais; and Patagonia, the place where you will find the 75% of the southamerican glaciers and the 8th wonder of the world: "Torres del Paine". A mix of glaciers, desert, moais, wines and chilean folklore. You will have enough time to visit each destinations without spend so much time in them, but taking the flavor of every place.



- Santiago de Chile & Valparaíso

- Easter Island and its Moais

- Atacama Desert and Salt Flats

- Patagonia with Paine Towers and sailing through Glaciers

- Premium Wines Tours

- Dinner Show & Ranch Experience


Day 1: Arrival to Santiago de Chile – Transfer Airport Hotel – Half Day PM City Tour.

We need your flight details to confirm this day, but thinking that you will arrive early this day include a Half Day tour in Santiago de Chile.


At morning our guide will be waiting you on the arrival gate for to give you the welcome to Chile and transport you at your Hotel, where you can leave your luggage. You will made the check in at back of your city tour.


At 12:00 our guide will be waiting you in the hall of your hotel for to go lunch and after start our 4 hrs. city tour through the main points of Santiago. If you want, our guide can go with the group to change money in a good place.


Santiago City Tour Half Day: Do you want to know how Santiago was founded and what life in this beautiful capital is like? This half day tour gives you an introduction to our wonderful city.  You will be able to explore the main neighbourhoods (financial, commerce, bohemian and historical) and have a good idea of what life in this city is like.

We will visit downtown, the Santa Lucia hill, La Moneda government palace, La Constitución square, Main Square, the Cathedral, Central Market and the old Congress. After that we will go to Bellavista, Providencia and Las Condes neighbourhoods, as well as the El Golf area (Sanhattan) where you can learn more about the modern Santiago.


Not Included: Lunch

Duration: 4-5 hours approx.


Lodging at Santiago Hotel


Day 2: Transfer Hotel/Airport – Flights to Atacama Desert - Transfer Calama Airport / San Pedro de Atacama Hotel - PM Moon Valley Tour


Depending our domestic flight our guide will be at morning in your hotel to transfer you to Santiago Airport to take your flight to Atacama Desert.


You will be picked up at Calama airport and transfer to your hotel. At afternoon we will go to visit the Moon Valley:

It is a desert spot, a geomorphological wonder. Our ancestors called it “Las Salinas” and today known worldwide as Valle de la Luna (Valley Moon), set of landscapes of incomparable beauty and that resemble a fragment of the lunar landscape to which it owes its name. In 1982 was declared Nature Sanctuary and is part of the Flamencos National Reserve. In this place, you can observe a geological spectacle of great interest especially at sunrise and sunset.

During your visit, you can see: Ckari gorge, Salt Caverns, the famous natural formation known by our ancestors as “Los Tres Vigilantes” today called Las Tres Marias, Duna mayor; majestic body of sand and viewpoints like; Quebrada Honda where the famous Coyote Stone is located.


Included: Entrance fees, cóctel

Duration: 04:30 Approx.



Comfortable wearing (trekking), trekking footwear, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and water.


Lodging at San Pedro de Atacama Hotel



Day 3: AM Atacama Flat Salt Tour – PM Cejar Floating Lagoon Tour


At 08:00 am, our local guide will pick you up to visit one of the most typical lanscapes of Atacama desert.

In this expedition, we will visit:

  •  Toconao (Kunza “Lost Corner”) which enchants for its simplicity, calm of its people, special climate, beautiful architecture and craftsmanship.

  • Quebrada de Jerez that stands out in its agricultural activities.

  • The marginal zone of the Salar de Atacama known as Laguna Chaxa located in Sector Soncor Flamenco National Reserve.


Included: Breakfast, Entrances Fees.



Warm Clothing, Comfortable Footwear, Cap, Sunglasses, Sunblock and Water.

Duration: 05:30 hours approx.


You will dropped off in the town where you will have lunch (not included)


At 15:00 we will go to the relaxing Cejar Lagoon Experience.

The Atacama Saltflat is the largest salt deposit in Chile and is formed by a depression without water outlet that receives from the San Pedro river and multiple streams where the water seeps from the mountain range.

To the interior is Laguna Cejar, beautiful and mystical of turquoise color. Its great salt content generates the floating effect which makes for a relaxing bath and a fun experience.

After Cejar Lagoon we will visit Ojos de salar: water coming from underground lagoons where small reeds and seaweed grow on its banks. Finally, in Laguna Tebenquinche we will enjoy the great whiteness of salt, next to an aperitif and contemplating in its waters the reflection of the Andes Range an unforgettable show.


Included: Snack, entrance fees

Duration: 05:30 Approx.



Comfortable clothing, windbreaker, swimsuit, towel, jockey, sunglasses, sunscreen and water.

Lodging at San Pedro de Atacama Hotel

Day 4: Full Day Tatio Geysers Tour & Puritama Hotsprings

At 05:00 am our local guide will pick you up for to visit the Tatio Geysers.


The Tatio (from Kunza "tata-iu") meaning "Grandfather who weeps" is one of the highest Geyser field in the world. It is located in the Cordillera of the Andes NE to San Pedro de Atacama and is the largest group of geysers in the southern hemisphere and the third largest in the world, after Yellowstone (USA) and DolinaGiezerow (Russia).

The maximum expression of these fumaroles begins between 06:00 and 07:00 hrs.  approx. with temperatures reaching 85 ° C. On our return it is possible to observe fauna like vicuñas, llamas, ñandúes, vizcachas, etc. While in the Flora stand the giant Cactus, llaretas, coirón, etc. In addition, we will visit the small ancestral village of Machuca. Its scarce inhabitants are mainly engaged in grazing and cheese production, very close to the place is the Salada Lagoon where families of flamingos, ducks and seagulls with an imposing landscape of beauty. We will end our excursion in Puritama Hotsprings: located in a large stone ravine, Puritama (Kunza “Puri”-Agua ( water) , “Tama”-Caliente ( hot)).

The place is designed for the family to rest on a set of 8 pools of warm water which have a temperature between 25 to 30ºC. The water has medicinal and therapeutic properties as it is nourished from the minerals brought by the Puritama River. This wonder is an exception of nature in the middle of the most arid desert in the world. We invite you to be part of this totally revitalizing experience.


Included: Entrance fees, breakfast, lunch, coctel.

Duration: 14:30 Approx.



Warm clothing, comfortable footwear, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, flop-flops and water.



• Pregnant

• Minimum age of 12 years

• People with Hypertension (Medical authorization only)


You will be dropped off at your hotel.

Lodging at San Pedro de Atacama Hotel


Day 5: Transfer San Pedro de Atacama Hotel/Calama Airport - Flight to Santiago – Transfer Santiago Airport/Hotel.


Depending your flight our local guide will pick you up to go to Calama Airport and back to Santiago. In the Santiago Airport our driver will transfer you to your hotel. The rest of the day will be free to enjoy the Santiago offers by your self or stay in the hotel.

Lodging at Santiago Hotel


Day 6: Full Day Valparaíso & Viña del Mar with Casablanca Wine Tour

At morning our guide will be in your hotel to go in Pacific ocean direction. Our first stop will be in Casablanca Valley. Casablanca Valley is famous for its wine production, especially for its white wines. Here, you can find a wide variety of wineries.​

You will visit Emiliana Vineyards, which is known as one of the most important biodynamic organic vineyards in the country. This tour differs from other wine tours because it emphasizes the cultivation and management of grapes before they are harvested. This wine tour will focus on the importance of a biodynamic farm and the elements that make it up: animals, flowers, etc. After the tour we will taste some wines of the house.


After wine tour we will continue to Valparaíso City.


Valparaiso is one of the most culturally rich cities in Chile. It was declared as a World Heritage in 2003 by the UNESCO due to its historical importance as it was the principal port in the Pacific until the year 1914. This city was a melting pot, and a place where people from France, England, Germany, Yugoslavia, Holland and Chile were mixed among each other. It stands out for its spontaneous architecture built on 41 colorful hills.

 At the North of Valparaiso you can find the "Garden City", called Viña del Mar. Its ornamentation, beaches and rich cultural activities make Viña del Mar an important place to visit.

 In this tour we will visit the “Concepción” and “Happy” hills, Sotomayor square, Valparaiso harbor, Flower Clock, Municipal Casino and Ecuador walk. We will enjoy the best seafood on the harbor by visiting one of the local restaurants, where you can lunch with a beautiful view of the ocean.



Included: Elevator fees, Wine Tour and Premium Tasting

Not included: Lunch

Duration: 8-9 hours approx.


Lodging at Santiago Hotel


Day 7: Transfer Hotel/Airport – Flights to Easter Island - Transfer Mataveri Airport / Easter Island Hotel

Depending our domestic flight our guide will be at morning in your hotel to transfer you to Santiago Airport to take your flight to Easter Island.


Approx. At 13:30 of Easter Island time, you will be picked up at the airport with a flower necklace according to local Polynesian tradition. Transfer to your hotel.


You will have the afternoon free to lunch, rest and enjoy your hotel.


Not Included: Lunch


"At your arrival in the Easter Island Airport, you need to paid the Rapa Nui National Park fees valid for 10 days. The price nowdays is US$ 80 p/person (only cash) and allow you to enter in the island"

Lodging at Easter Island Hotel


Day 8: Full Day Historic Pathways Tour


At 10:00 our local guide will pick up you for your Historic Pathways Tour:


Unearth some of the gems of Easter Island´s fascinating past with stops at several significant sites of interest. Head to Puna Pau, the small crater that acted as the scoria quarry for the moai's famous topknots, before continuing to the site of the island´s most intricate stone work at Ahu Tahira in Vinapu, where the moai platform is reminiscient of the legendary masonry of the Incas of South America. Take in the breathtaking views at the giant cauldron of Rano Kau, a miniature eco-system and the largest volcano crater on the island.

Experience the wind on your face at the clifftop ceremonial village of Orongo, and discover the significance of the Birdman Cult that emerged out of the ruins of the Moai building era. Peer off the precipice at the ocean below where once a year during the Birdman competition, brave warriors from the island's various clans would climb down the steep rocky cliffs to the swirling ocean below and swim out to the small islets off the coast in an attempt to bring back the first egg of the manutara bird, therefore winning the right for their clan to rule the island for the following year. Finish the day with a visit to Ahu Akivi, the renowned seven inland moai that stand gazing oceanwards, and explore the large and unique cave system of Ana Te Pahu, known affectionately as "The Banana Cave".


Included: Lunch

Duration: 7 hours approx.

Lodging at Easter Island Hotel


Day 9: Full Day Moai Monuments Tour - Polynesic Dinner Show


At 10:00 our local guide will pick up you for your Moai Monuments Tour:


Uncover the secrets of Easter Island by piecing together the many clues given to us by the gigantic sculpted megaliths that cover this mysterious land. Start the journey by visiting the ahu platforms at Tahai, where the clear morning light brings alive the moai that look over this restored ancestral village of the Rapanui people. Visit the ruins of the fallen moai at Ahu Akahanga, where three platforms sit untouched since the Rapanui turned on the traditions of their ancestors and began toppling the moai. Stand in awe at the restored site of Ahu Tongariki, where fifteen stone giants stand watch over the land as silent sentinels, dwarfing all who come into their presence.

Spend a bulk of the afternoon absorbing the grandeur of the moai that sit half emerged from the soil Rano Raraku, the volcano crater that acted as a stone quarry and birthplace for these immense figures. Visit Ahu Te Pito Kura, the site of the largest moai to ever stand on an ahu, and see the legendary magnetic stone that according to island history, was brought to Easter Island from the original Polynesian homeland of Hiva by the first king, Hotu Matuʻa. Finish the day taking in the coconut palms, turquoise water and white sand at Anakena Beach, and gazing upon the post-modernist style moai of Ahu Nau Nau.


Included: Lunch

Duration: 7 hours approx.


Between 19:45 and 20:00 hrs. your transfer will pick you up in your hotel for to go into a local restaurant for to have a Dinner Show with typical food, music & dance (regular services).


Lodging at Easter Island Hotel

Day 10: Transfer Easter Island Hotel/Airport - Flight to Santiago – Transfer Santiago Airport/Hotel.


Depending your flight our local guide will pick you up to go to Mataveri Airport and back to Santiago. In the Santiago Airport our driver will transfer you to your hotel. The rest of the day will be free to enjoy the Santiago offers by your self or stay in the hotel.

Lodging at Santiago Hotel



Day 11: Maipo Wine tour with Chilean Ranch Experience.

At Morning our guide will be waiting you at your hotel to start a wne day with traditional food and chilean folklore.

Maipo Valley is well known for its red wines, especially Cabernet Sauvignon and Carménère. The volcanic soils and special temperatures provide an optimum location for the development of vineyards that have been around since the nineteenth century. We will visit one winery on this valley: Viña Santa Rita.

It is very important winery, both nationally and internationally. Here, we will visit a house that has been declared a national monument as well as archaeological museums. In the wine tour, you can learn how these wines are created and stored, as well as enjoy a delicious wine tasting.


After this wine tasting you will go to Pirque to visit a Chilean ranch where the owners produces their own wines and they show the chilean traditions with horses skill demostration, music, dance and food.

After the ranch experience we will return to your hotel.


Included: Premium Wine Tour Tasting & Lunch

Duration: 8-9 hours approx.

Lodging in Santiago Hotel


Day 12: Transfer Hotel/Airport – Flights to Punta Arenas - Transfer Airport / Puerto Natales Hotel


Depending our domestic flight our guide will be at morning in your hotel to transfer you to Santiago Airport to take your flight to Patagonia.


Our local driver will wait for you at Airport to transfer you to your hotel. There you can make the check in, rest and go out to discover the Puerto Natales City by yourself.

Lodging at  Puerto Natales Hotel


Day 13: Full Day Torres del Paine National Park and Milodon Cave.


The excursion begins with a visit to Milodón cave, a remarkable cavern of 200 meters long, 30 meters high and 80 meters wide, it´s located 25 km from Puerto Natales. A half-hour walk will take us into the cave, known for the discovery of fresh skin and bones from a prehistoric species of giant sloth, the milodón. There have also been found remains of other extinct animals, such as dwarf horse, bear, panther and saber-toothed tiger.

We continue towards Torres del Paine crossing Numerous Estancias and a landscape that goes from the steepy to the deciduous forest. Along the way it is possible to see local fauna including the South American ostrich and the guanaco, a wild camelid.

Torres del Paine is famous for the massifs that give it’s name, giant granite modeled by the force of glacial ice. After entering in the park we discover a series of intense colored lagoons, mountains covered with ice and abundant local fauna. Then you will stop for a 15-minute walk to the Salto Grande on the Paine River. After lunch you will continue to Lake Gray, where you will go for a walk leading to a panoramic point: from there you can see the icebergs and the glacier of the same name. Subsequently, the same route undertakes the return to Puerto Natales, or by the path that borders the lakes Toro, Porteño and Sofia.


Included: National park fees, Milodon Cave fees

Recommendation: You can go with your box lunch or buy lunch on the spot.


Lodging at  Puerto Natales Hotel


Day 14: Sailing Serrano and Balmaceda Glaciers. Regular Sevices.


This spectacular trip is a must if you visit the city of Puerto Natales. We invite you to discover the incredible world of the fjords.

Sailing by boat to the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers, through Ultima Esperanza Fjord, sighting of beautiful mountains, waterfalls, estancias and Patagonian avifauna.

Visit Balmaceda Glacier and hike through leafy coihues and ñirres forest up to the foot of the Serrano Glacier.

The tour ends with a lunch, where you can taste a typical dish from the area, the Magellanic lamb, before going back to Puerto Natales.


Included: Coffee or tea on board, whiskey appetizer with ice from the glacier, walk in Laguna Serrano, lunch and navigation are subject to weather conditions.

Lodging at  Puerto Natales Hotel


Day 15: Transfer Puerto Natales Hotel/Punta Arenas Airport - Flight to Santiago – Transfer Santiago Airport/Hotel.


Depending your flight our local guide will pick you up to go to Punta Arenas Airport and back to Santiago. In the Santiago Airport our driver will transfer you to your hotel. The rest of the day will be free to enjoy the Santiago offers by your self or stay in the hotel.

Lodging at Santiago Hotel



Day 16: Transfer Hotel/Airport – International Flight


Depending on your flight time our guide will be waiting at your hotel to go at Santiago Airport.


• Accommodation in selected hotels.

• All tours in private services, except the regular services mentioned in the program and the wine tours.

• Local English speaking guides

• Private Transfers In / Out in Santiago de Chile and Patagonia.

• Shared Transfers In / Out in Easter Island and Atacama Desert.

• Lunch, dinner and wine tastings mentioned as included in the programs

• Coctels & Snack mentioned as included in the program

• Entrances to National Parks (except in Easter Island)


Not included

• International or domestic flights

• Accident Insurance (you MUST have your own insurance)

• Lunch, dinner, beverages & cocktails not included on the program

• Tour Leader. You can consider include a tour leader that would take care of all your need or requests during the travel.

• Tips for drivers and guides

What to bring?

  • Trekking shoes and outdoors clothes to take easy short hikes in nature.

  • A 5-10 kgs backpack for activities, leaving the rest of the luggage at hotel. Depending the season, if you have a raincoat with possibility of putting the bag inside is better.

  • Flip flops and towel for hotsprings

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses


Best travel period?

  • We recommend to take this trip between Oct-Dec or between Mar-Apr.


Banks and money exchange:


The exchange and / or cash withdrawal at ATMs can be done at airports in your arrival. Also, Santiago City have an extensive network of ATMs. You can find ATMs in Hanga Roa (Easter Island), San Pedro de Atacama and Puerto Natales as well.

Comments & Restrictions

  • Children under 18 cannot drink wines. They will have a juice.    

  • A good lunch can cost from 20-30 USD per person.

  • Depending on the arrival of your flight, the itinerary of Day 1 can be modified.

  • The altitude in San Pedro de Atacama is 2.048 m.a.s.l. and some tours can arrive over the 4.000 m.a.s.l. so, if you have problem with altitude consult with your doctor.

Useful Information

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