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Sustainable Tourism

For us, the sustainable tourism is a way to live and to make something for all those amazing resources that are the nature, people and culture of Chile. We like to include sustainable hotels in our programs and our local operator network are commited with the sustainable toursim as well. In ours day tours we prefer to buy snacks in local markets than in the big supermarkets. We try to approach you to the mother earth in order you feel that is alive and we need to take care of her.
And very important, we work with quality and not quantity, so each traveler can live a real experience that allow it, beside to visit new places, understand the different cultures and grow in consciousness.
We are certified by Travelife in Sustainable Tourism

Certified by:
Supported by European Union
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What can you do?

We invite you to be aware about what you will buy when you visit Chile. Prefer local producers and environmental friendly. Never leave garbage in Natural Parks and when you use your sunblock try to use the ecological ones.

Other important point is to think about compens the carbon footprint of your international flights. Below is a tool that can help you.

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