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Our Team

Mario Mellado

Tour Leader and founder of Nave tours 

Mario is a Bilingual tour leader, guiding in English and Portuguese. He learned his guide techniques with the Mapuche communities from the south of Chile. Specializing in the “Etnic-tourism”, he has gained a vision of integrity between the nature and his elements from original cultures. His knowledge in medicinal plants, as well as the importance of the elements as the water, fire, land and air, gives him a special view of the surrounding nature in each tour. He is personable, friendly and positive, believing in the importance of respect and treating others the way you want to be treated. 

Mario has lived in Brazil, which makes him an excellent Portuguese guide and has a deep understanding of the Brazilian culture. He is a specialist in wine tours, city tours, hiking, rock climbing, canopy and horse expeditions. Lastly, he has many years of experience working at different tourism agencies and outdoor companies in Chile since 2006. 

Benjamin Bertie

Specialist Guide in


Benjamin is a Veterinarian but his true passion is the mountains. Since he was a little kid his grandfather teach him how to love the mountains the ocean and all the wanders that Chile has to offer, he knows many places of immense beauty that he enjoys to share with his friends whenever it can. He loves to observe the flora and fauna of Chile in the different seasons of the year, an analogy of the life cycle itself. He possesses the WFR (Wilderness First Responder) certification. He likes to do ski and snowboard, climb, cycling, trekking, between others.  

He is a Fanatic of travelling and knowing new people and n cultures, he has been lucky to visit many countries and to do many friendships. With very fluid English, who has allowed him to communicate with new friends from different countries.

Franco Buglio

Specialist Guide in

Geology and Cajón del Maipo

He began walking around the Cajon del Maipo with his father just took his first steps, since then he walks or climbs every corner unvisited. Currently finishing his studies in geology at the University of Chile, so he knows the processes and rocks that formed the Andes and in particular the geological attractions of the Maipo Valley.

Trained and with a lot of experience in rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing and hiking, he is interested in transmit the local culture and knowledge of the planet earth through the ability to penetrate into the heart of the Central Andes.

Felipe Micheelsen

Mountain expedition’s 

specialist guide

Mountain expedition’s specialist  guide.  

Professional guide in rock climbing and mountain hiking, specialist in avalanches control and mountain  safety. Felipe was born in Santiago of Chile, he has an adventure guide degree with special mention in mountain guiding achieve in the Frontera University from Pucon,  Chile. His principal passion is to be in touch with the nature, his preservation and the environmental care. He has been employed several years as a guide in rock climbing, hiking, snow trekking’s,  ski expeditions  and treks on ice. He is a founder of the Climbing Center and Training “Shed Chucao " in Pucón, where he was a climb teacher. Years later, he improved his skills of ski and specialized itself as avalanches risks adviser in British Columbia, Canada.  Felipe was employed as safety adviser for important mining companies in Argentina and Chile. Also has been trained and certificate in vertical works, in the Pyrenees, Andorra and the French Alps. He possesses several certifications; WFR (Wilderness First Responder) for NOLS , rope rescue from the Foundation EASPA Argentina and vertical works safety from  Vertisub Spain, and ACHS (Chilean Safety Association) . 

Pablo Landeta

Specialist Guide in  flora and vineyards 

Pablo studied Agricultural Engineer and sence he is a kid he felt the pasion of travel. He start traveling trew Chile, from Atacama desert in the north to the lakes and rivers from the south. He continues hes treep in South America and finally in 2012 he went to live in Australia for one year, visiting to Bali and India. From many years he have been taking tourist to the mountains, vineyards and other wanderfull places from Chile. He like to guide like he was taking a friend for a walk, he love his country, for Pablo its a privilage to have the  oportunity to take you and show you all the landscapes and wonders of Chile. He have a loot of knowledge in the production of wine and the local native species from Chile that you cand find in the mountains and National Parks. He love to know people from arround the world know his history and share some days surrounded by Nature. 

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