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Atacama Experience 

A nice touch of the driest world desert and its main attractions. 5 days / 4 nights
laguna cejar
geyser del tatio
noche san pedro
Geyser del Tatio
atacama salt flat


Come to visit this amazing place of the world full of unique landscapes and special energies. You will have an experience thinking to give you confort and the best of Atacama and its clear skies. You will have tours designed to aclimatize you to the highest atitude that you will arrive in the last days. You will not forget it!


Day 1: Transfer Hotel / Airport – Flight to Calama – Transfer Airport / San Pedro de Atacama Hotel. Astronomic Experience.


Depending your flight, our guide will be waiting you at your hotel for to transfer you to Santiago airport in order to take your flight to Atacama Desert.

Approx. at 14:00, you will be picked up at Calama airport and transfer to your hotel and have lunch (included).

At night you will be picked up at 20:30 approx for to have an Astronomic Tour (regular shared service):


San Pedro de Atacama is an exceptional place to observe the sky and stars.  A vehicle will transfer you from a meeting point of the town to the observatory, only 10 minutes from there. The tours start with an explanation and display of the stars that can be observed at the given time of year. Then will continue with observations of really impressive objects, such as the craters of the moon, the rings of Saturn, star clusters, galaxies, and other marvels of the universe, then there will be a talk on everything you have just seen. The tour ends by sharing the experience around hot chocolate, cookies, wine, and snacks, returning to San Pedro, a good time to either continue enjoying the evening or resting for the following day.


Includes: Wine, snacks, hot chocolate, tea or coffee

Duration: 3 hrs approx.

Lodging at San Pedro de Atacama Hotel



Day 02: AM Moon Valley Tour - PM Rainbow Valley Tour


At 08:30 our local guide will pick you up to go to Moon Valley Tour (with sandboard option):


This is an essential tour in your visit to San Pedro that invites you to take a tour along the Salt Range, enjoying direct contact with the dunes and salt and calcium sculptures of the Valley of Mars (also known as the Valley of Death), contemplating the overwhelming view of the Kari gorge, and dismissing the day in the formidable Valley of the Moon. Coming to the Salar de Atacama and not enjoying the exuberant beauty of the Valley of the Moon and Mars is gett lost one of the most famous landscapes of this part of the planet. But this tour not only invites the traveler to know the Salt Range that shelters these eccentric valleys, but to intruse into its surroundings and witness the imposing views of the Kari gorge that gives us the Coyote Stone, and the Valley of Mars from the top of the Great Dune. 


Recommendations: Wear pullover or windproof, sunscreen, water, sunglasses and closed shoes.

Included: Entrance fees

Not Included: Sandboard equipment (you can rent at place)

Duration: 5 hrs approx.


Drop off will be at town where you can lunch.


After lunch we will enjoy a Rainbow Valley Tour:


On this trip you can know the heart of the Domeyko Mountain Range and its fantastic formations colored by its particular geology, as well as a green Pucará built as a defense by the ancestral inhabitants of the area thousands of years ago, to later meet Yerbas Buenas, area of ​​passage and caravan rest whose high anthropological value can be verified in petroglyphs more than 3.500 years ago.


Recommendations: Warm Clothing, Comfortable Footwear, Cap, Sunglasses, Sunblock and Water.

Included: Entrance fees & cocktail

Duration: 05:30 Approx.


You can be dropped off in the hotel or in the downtown where you can dinner and return to the hotel by your own.

Lodging at San Pedro de Atacama Hotel



Day 3: AM Atacama Salt Flat Tour – PM Cejar Floating Lagoon Tour


At 08:00 am, our local guide will pick you up to visit one of the most typical lanscapes of Atacama desert.

In this expedition, we will visit:

  •  Toconao (Kunza “Lost Corner”) which enchants for its simplicity, calm of its people, special climate, beautiful architecture and craftsmanship.

  • Quebrada de Jerez that stands out in its agricultural activities.

  • The marginal zone of the Salar de Atacama known as Laguna Chaxa located in Sector Soncor Flamenco National Reserve.


Recommendations: Warm Clothing, Comfortable Footwear, Cap, Sunglasses, Sunblock and Water.

Included: Breakfast, Entrances Fees.

Duration: 05:30 hours approx.


You will be dropped off in the town where you will have lunch (not included)


At 15:00 we will go to the relaxing Cejar Lagoon experience.


The Atacama Salt flat is the largest salt deposit in Chile and is formed by a depression without water outlet that receives from the San Pedro river and multiple streams where the water seeps from the mountain range.

To the interior is Laguna Cejar, beautiful and mystical of turquoise color. Its great salt content generates the floating effect which makes for a relaxing bath and a fun experience.

After Cejar Lagoon we will visit Ojos de salar: water coming from underground lagoons where small reeds and seaweed grow on its banks. Finally, in Laguna Tebenquinche we will enjoy the great whiteness of salt, next to an aperitif and contemplating in its waters the reflection of the Andes Range an unforgettable show. 


Included: Snack, Entrance fees & Pisco Sour

Recommendations: Jacket or windbreaker, towel, swimsuit, sunscreen. Always use sandals because the edge of the lagoon, has very sharp salt crests that easily cut the skin.

Duration: 4 hrs approx.

You can be dropped off in the hotel or in the downtown where you can dinner and return to the hotel by your own.


Lodging at San Pedro de Atacama Hotel




Day 4: Tatio Geysers and Puritama Hotsprings


At 04:30 am our local guide will pick you up for to visit the Tatio Geysers.


The Tatio (from Kunza "tata-iu") meaning "Grandfather who weeps" is one of the highest Geyser field in the world. It is located in the Cordillera of the Andes NE to San Pedro de Atacama and is the largest group of geysers in the southern hemisphere and the third largest in the world, after Yellowstone (USA) and DolinaGiezerow (Russia).

The maximum expression of these fumaroles begins between 06:00 and 07:00 hrs.  approx. with temperatures reaching 85 ° C. On our return it is possible to observe fauna like vicuñas, llamas, ñandúes, vizcachas, etc. While in the Flora stand the giant Cactus, llaretas, coirón, etc. In addition, we will visit the small ancestral village of Machuca. Its scarce inhabitants are mainly engaged in grazing and cheese production, very close to the place is the Salada Lagoon where families of flamingos, ducks and seagulls with an imposing landscape of beauty. We will end our excursion in Puritama Hotsprings: located in a large stone ravine, Puritama (Kunza “Puri”-Agua (water), “Tama”-Caliente (hot)).

The place is designed for the family to rest on a set of 8 pools of warm water which have a temperature between 25 to 30ºC. The water has medicinal and therapeutic properties as it is nourished from the minerals brought by the Puritama River. This wonder is an exception of nature in the middle of the most arid desert in the world. We invite you to be part of this totally revitalizing experience.



Warm clothing, comfortable footwear, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, flop-flops and water.

Included: Entrance fees, breakfast, lunch & Pisco Sour.

Duration: 14:00 Approx.




• Pregnant

• Minimum age of 12 years

• People with Hypertension (Medical authorization only)


You can be dropped off in the hotel or in the downtown where you can dinner and return to the hotel by your own.

Lodging at San Pedro de Atacama Hotel



Day 05: Transfer Hotel / Airport – Flight to Santiago de Chile – Transfer Airport / Hotel


Depending your flight our local guide will pick you up for your transfer to Calama Airport.


At your arrival to Santiago de Chile our guide will transfer you at your hotel in Santiago.



- Moon, Mars & Rainbow Valleys

- Tatio Geysers and Wetlands

- Atacama Salt Flats

- Cejar &  Tebenquinche Lagoons

- Puritama Hotsprings

- Astronomical Experience

- Machuca & Toconao ancient villages


• Accommodation in selected hotels.

• All tours in private services, except the regular services mentioned in the program.

• Local English speaking guides

• Private Transfers In / Out in Santiago de Chile

• Shared Transfers In / Out in Atacama Desert.

• Lunch and dinner mentioned as included in the programs

• Coctels & Snack mentioned as included in the program

• Entrances to National Parks

Not included

• International or domestic flights

• Accident Insurance (you MUST have your own insurance)

• Lunch, dinner, beverages & cocktails not included on the program

• Tour Leader. You can consider include a tour leader that would take care of all your need or requests during the travel.

• Tips for drivers and guides

What to bring?

  • Trekking shoes and clothes to take walks in the spots.

  • A 5-10 kgs backpack for activities, leaving the rest of the luggage at hotel. Depending the season, if you have a raincoat with possibility of putting the bag inside is better.

  • Flip flops and towel.

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses.


Best travel period?

  • You can take this tour all the year. The better visibility of stars and landscapes is in November. 


Banks and money exchange:


The exchange and / or cash withdrawal at ATMs can be done at airports in your arrival. You can find ATMs in  San Pedro de Atacama as well.

Comments & Restrictions


  • A good lunch can cost from 20-30 USD per person.

  • The Astronomic tour is closed 3 days before and after full moon.

  • The altitude in San Pedro de Atacama is 2.048 m.a.s.l. and some tours can arrive over the 4.000 m.a.s.l. so, if you have problem with altitude consult with your doctor.

Useful Information

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